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A recently conducted survey has shown that there are nearly 17 million people in the world that suffer from some sort of acne or the other. Sever bouts of acne are very embarrassing to an individual and as such can lead to awkward situations that may disrupt one’s social life. At the same time, you might also suffer from depression and low self esteem. But the cure to such an acne problem is much more deep rooted. It is no wonder then that there are almost no treatments that can cure the problem of acne in about six month’s time. Many a times, such acne treatment might take much longer than expected.

The best thing that can be done when deciding on the course of action to select would be to confer with your dermatologist as then you will be able to get accurate, detailed information regarding what you have to do and which treatments are most effective for you. As the dermatologist has seen such acne conditions before, he can guide you along the right acne treatment courses.

It is very important to know what type of skin you have so that you can know how effective a particular acne treatment will be. This is mainly due to the fact that oily skin has more frequent acne breakouts than other types of skin.

To move on, the remedies below are designed for home use and while it may help you a lot, you need to take proper precaution as well. If you curing acne suffer from acne, the following are some home acne treatments that have proved to deliver the right results.

#1 – Green tea is essential to drink and must be consumed daily as there are many antioxidants that are present in such tea. These antioxidants help in cleansing the entire body in a natural way and also help fight against free radicals. Such free radicals are cigarette smoke and others such as pollen grains from the air as well as dust which can cause respiratory diseases and other cardiac problems.

#2 – The next best thing that can be done is to make use of water as such therapies are still the best as compared to chemical based products. Water soluble products have the potential of detoxifying the body. Our bodies are filled with an accumulation of toxins over time that can be gotten rid of over time. Over time, the accumulation of toxins can also cause other serious conditions.